How it happened

I used to work for a big adventure travel company and my clients would go on really cool group adventures around the world. At the end of the year, I needed to send them thank you gifts.

The problem was that all the gifts I was finding were too...boring. Cellophane wrapped gift baskets with rock hard bricks of coffee? No Thank you. I needed to send them something that showed I really valued and cared about them. But also something that does some good in the world and impacts real people, not just the company.

So I left my job traveling around the world and started Give Insatiably, so that we could bring loads of MAGIC to gifting, because everyone wants to feel like a kid again when they get a gift.

-Jimmy LaPrelle

Founder | Give Insatiably

Gifts Should be Magical

If you send someone a gift, isn't it because you kinda like them? Then boring gifts kinda send the wrong message right?

We create dessert boxes with hand written notes so that your recipient has a magical experience from the moment they lay eyes on their dessert box. And it's all cuz of you.

Gifts Should Give Back

Gifting isn't one-sided. But we argue it's not just two-sided either! It can be 3-sided!

There is no reason that sending gifts can't also impact real people in positive ways that really need it. So every dessert box you send, we plant two trees and help lift local communities out of extreme poverty.

Gifts Should Ship for Free

You know how when you buy someone $20 flowers but it costs $30 to deliver it? We think that's hogwash.

Every dessert box ships completely free anywhere in the continental US. Infinite Free Shipping. On us.