it all started with hate

☠️ for boring gifts.

🎁 for cellophane gift baskets

🥀. for dying flowers

"F**k sh*tty boring gifts" - Jimmy & Amber 2019

and then founded on giving back

If we were going to make a way cooler gift company, it couldn't be only transactional (BORING!!). It had to have an impact on real people baked in from the start.

Our first (and still headlining) major partnership was with Food for Thought Denver. Every single dessert box we ship feeds a hungry kid for a weekend through them.

A lot of kids don't eat between Friday school lunch and coming back to school on Monday. Food for Thought gives a power sack of food for every single kid in 70+ schools.

Give Insatiably Dessert Boxes funds one of these sacks of weekend food with every dessert box you send!

then added planting trees

Shipping a ton of dessert boxes can take a toll on the environment. So to offset that, we've partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 2 trees with every dessert box you buy.

The coolest thing about Eden, is they employ locals to plant all the trees which helps change lives by providing a living wage.

basically, not basic

The idea came when I had to send client gifts when I was working for a big corporate gig. Everything was so basic and boring. I knew it could be WAY better. I set out to change 3 things:

🍪 create way cooler gifts. DESSERTS, amirite?

👦🏽 make sure every sale helped change lives of real people

🫣 don't do stuff that sucks in the gifting industry (boring gifts, crazy shipping fees, not being personal or handwritten)

💜 Jimmy | Founder

I can stuff 13 marshmallows in my mouth at one time - jimmy