• Gluten Free Gluttony

Gluten Free Gluttony

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Let’s all give a giant middle finger to gluten! These desserts don’t need none of that!! See below for allergen information.

Gluten free just means extra freaking delicious. Shove off, gluten!!

  • GF Unicorn Cotton Candy
  • GF Freeze Dried Milk Duds
  • GF Chocolate Chip Edoughble Cookie Dough 
  • Rich GF Truffle Brownie
  • 2 GF Double Chocolate Cookie Shots
  • GF Doughy Chocolate Chip Cookie 

*The manufacturers of these products are not gluten free certified, although they take precautions to separate tools and cooking spaces. Please contact the individual manufacturer directly with specific questions and if consumption is safe for gluten allergy, celiac disease, etc.

  • 6 Superior Desserts
  • Handwritten note
  • Candy Confetti on top
  • Infinite Free Shipping
Allergen & Nutrition Info

Please read product labels and/or manufacturer website for nutrition information. May contain or made in facilities that contain nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy and other allergens.

Wrapping & Shipping

All desserts come individually wrapped or packaged from the manufacturer and are safe for transport in the allotted shipping time.

Real Social Impact

This dessert box:

🥪 provides a weekend sack of food for a kid that needs it

🌳 plants 2 trees to help fight climate change

birthday 🎁 break-up 🎁  love 🎁 anniversary 🎁  thank you 🎁  sorry 🎁  congrats 🎁  employee 🎁  client 🎁 any occasion ever

this dessert box feeds a kid for a weekend

Too many kids don't have reliable access to food between Friday school lunch and Monday morning back at school.

Your dessert box purchase buys a weekend sack of food for a kid that needs it through Food for Thought Denver.

this dessert box plants 2 trees

Shipping a ton of dessert boxes can take a toll on the environment. So to offset that, we've partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 2 trees with every dessert box you buy. 

The coolest thing about Eden, is they employ locals to plant all the trees which helps change lives by providing a living wage. 


Alright alright. You've got questions.

We include desserts that can ship within the US and can hold in various temperatures and conditions during shipping time. 

Each box has a little insert to let the recipient know how to enjoy them and what they should refrigerate upon receiving. 

We'll ship your order within 1 business day. Our standard shipping rates utilize UPS Ground, which can be anywhere from 1-5 days in transit. There are faster shipping options in checkout, all the way up to Next Day Air. 

If it's for a special date, you might consider having your package scheduled to deliver a day early, to account for any delays or late-in-the-day deliveries. 

Yes! There is a future delivery date option while you are choosing options for the dessert box! 

You can select any future delivery date and we'll ship accordingly. AND we don't charge anything to choose a future date! No forgetting birthdays anymore!

We ship with UPS anywhere in the United States. 

UPS doesn't ship to PO Boxes, but if you need to get it to one, reach out and we can look at postal options!

You know how Goldilocks didn’t like the porridge that was too hot and too cold, but only the one that was just right? Well, that’s almost completely irrelevant. See, we want you and your giftee to have the best, freshest and move divine dessert box experience and with the changing nature of food and inventory, we don’t guarantee exact variations of desserts. Give Insatiably offers an array of different desserts in different variations and the variations in your dessert box may be different than what is pictured (based on availability).

We do our best to (and usually can) include the exact desserts pictured but we may sub out for different variations if need be. If you have any specific requests or concerns, just reach out or tell us in your order notes!

Anything you want your giftee to read! Love notes, thank you notes, congrats note, or just because notes. Or even write it from your dog (we've sent a lot of boxes from pets, lol). 

We draw the line at hate, harassment, threats, accusations, etc. and reserve the right to reject any notes that we deem unworthy of human decency. If we do have to reject your note, we’ll let you know and replace it with the most boring thing we can think of.

They won't see how much you paid or that the box is called something like "DEATH BY DESSERT BOX."

The first thing they'll see when they open it is your handwritten note with tons of desserts underneath!

Customer Reviews

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Matt A.
Super responsive, fast shipment. Great

Super responsive, fast shipment. Great company to work with!

Matt A.
Gluten free home run!!

Perfect gift for the sweet tooth of my gluten free sweetheart! Thanks for some amazing desserts and exceptional customer service. You guys rock!!!

Thea B.
My friend loved it!

I wanted to send some treats to a friend who is on a gluten-free diet. I’m so excited to learn that Give Insatiably has a gluten-free option.
My friend was very happy with her surprise and I’m so pleased that she can actually enjoy what I sent. The boxed treat was well enjoyed by my friend’s little one, too!

Gluten Free Goodness!

My BFF is gluten intolerant, so this was the PERFECT choice to send her for her birthday! She was so surprised! Everything was delicious, and the hand-drawn note was the icing on the gluten-free cake (so to speak)! Love, love, LOVE Give Insatiably! Keep being awesome! >3

Amber L.
Great for my gluten free kid

It’s hard finding something fun and consumable for my kid who can’t have gluten. He loved every dessert! The hand written note was a bonus too!