Gluten Free Gluttony

    Gluten Free Gluttony

    We never charge for choosing a future delivery date :)

      Let’s all give a giant middle finger to gluten! These desserts don’t need none of that!! See below for allergen information.

      Gluten free just means extra freaking delicious. Shove off, gluten!!


      • GF Unicorn Cotton Candy
      • GF Freeze Dried Milk Duds
      • GF Chocolate Chip Edoughble Cookie Dough 
      • Rich GF Truffle Brownie
      • 2 GF Double Chocolate Cookie Shots
      • GF Doughy Chocolate Chip Cookie
      • All topped with some confectionary delights like Sour Patch Kids and Chupa Chups
      • Included custom card with hand-written note


      *The manufacturers of these products are not gluten free certified, although they take precautions to separate tools and cooking spaces. Please contact the individual manufacturer directly with specific questions and if consumption is safe for gluten allergy, celiac disease, etc.