The Over Indulger

    We never charge for choosing a future delivery date :)

      Whether you need to say thanks for helping me put out my house fire to sorry your house burnt down, the Over Indulger is a good fit for pretty much any scenario.

      Sometimes saying sorry doesn’t work, or a simple thank you doesn't cut it. But a box full of desserts usually does.

      • 2 Massive Crispy Cakes
      • 2 rich GF brownies
      • 1 Super Thick Doughy Chocolate Chip 
      • 1 Super Thick Valrhona Brownie Cookie 
      • 1 Frosted Sugar Cookie
      • Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
      • All topped with some confectionary delights like Sour Patch Kids and Chupa Chups.
      • Included Custom Hand-Doodled Card inside